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Our law school is now ranked among the Chinese top 10 law schools. Among all comprehensive universitiys, we have one of the biggest number of enrollments and enable to offer every student one-on-one and personalized teaching and training  you deserve in our law school.

    The Law School has excellent and diverse faculty who are experts in every field of the law and are willing to offer extensive legal theories and practical experience to every student. After over sixty-year development, the Law School has a great number of alumni who have played the important role in the rule-of-law construction in China. Among the School's graduates are judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, government servants etc. The devotion and achievements that our alumni had made and are making are the greatest treasure for the Law School, and as well prove the School a better place for the legal education and training in China.

    Welcome you come to our law school as student or visitor. We’re committed to creating the Learned, Rational, Virtuous and Devoted atmosphere for your life and study here.

                                                                                                                 Professor  Diyu Xu

                                                                                                            Dean of Law School of ZNUFE