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About the Law School

  Located in Wuhan, Central China, the Law School of Zhongnan University of Economics of Law is one of the leading law schools across the nation. It shares a history of 60 years, with its origin tracing back to the School of Political Sciences and Law of Zhongyuan University founded in September of 1952. Due to its outstanding academic courses and programs that prepare students for leadership and legal service throughout the province, the country and internationally, the Law School of ZUEL offers an unmatched environment for legal education and training.

  The Law School consists of 7 departments, a legal aid center/legal clinic and 14 research centers, all of which are supported by the efficient services of the administrative offices. The law school is characterized with its outstanding teaching and research staff, large scale of admission and a diversity of disciplines. There are more than 200 full-time faculties, including 52 professors, 30 members of whom are doctoral candidate supervisors, and 90 associate professors. Nearly 100 teachers are PhDs and another 38 teachers are doctoral candidates. At present, there are over 4300 undergraduate students, about 1700 postgraduate students and more than 200 doctoral candidates in the school. Its teaching and research cover the disciplines of jurisprudence, legal history, constitutional law and administrative law, civil law, procedural law, economic law, environmental law and international law.

  The Law School has developed various doctoral programs, master programs and JM degree programs as well. There are 9 doctoral programs which cover most of the disciplines in the school. The discipline of civil and commercial law is graded as the nation’s leading disciplines by the educational authorities while others are among the leading list of provincial ones. With the progressive development of the law school, most of its disciplines have enjoyed the nationwide recognition.

The Law School has made great achievements in teaching and academic researches. The discipline of civil and commercial law has been granted the national model discipline. Meanwhile, many disciplines, such as constitutional law & administrative law and economic law, are listed as the provincial model disciplines. Driven by the discipline construction, the law school has been making great progress in its teaching quality. The teaching staff of intellectual property law is awarded as the excellent national teaching team. There are 6 national elaborate courses and model courses, which include IP law , constitutional law, China’s legal history, private international law and public international law. Since 1995, the Law School has been granted over 200 academic awards, and over 1000 students have been conferred master degree and over 17000 students awarded bachelor degree.

  In the field of international academic exchange, the law school has developed regular relationships with universities and institutes in more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America. The law school has organized many international academic conferences and workshops, which promotes its visibility and presence in the world. With the deepening of economic globalization and the peaceful rising of China, the Law School has developed various programs for overseas education in recent years. As a result, more and more foreign students study in the Law School of ZUEL.

   The Law School has different administrative offices. The General Administrative Office is responsible for all the administrative affairs of the whole school. The Teaching Affairs Office and Graduate Education Office function respectively for the management and services of the education for bachelor and postgraduate program students. The Academic Research Office is aimed at the promotion of the academic activities of the school. The Legal Training office is to promote the socialization of the legal education as well as to enhance the visibility of the Law School in the society. There are different Student Affairs Offices for all grades of students, and the fulltime tutors in these offices are in charge of the daily management and general guidance of students. All of these administrative offices contribute to the development of teaching and research of the Law school.